Crosstown Players

We are a 10 piece groove/funk/soul band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We have 2 vocalists, rhythm section, and a 5 piece horn section!

The Band

Like the great funk bands before them, CrossTown Players have established an impressive reputation of bringing the groove and funky rhythms back to life.

Assembled in Phoenix, Arizona in late 2015, CrossTown Players had ambitious musical intentions from the start. Intent on having multiple vocalists, and a horn section, players were recruited from across the Phoenix Valley and surrounding cities.

The soaring vocals of Zhanae Schuman and Megan Green will immediately captivate the audience.

The skilled rhythm section of Eddie Ervin on guitar, Sean Rochin on bass, Erik Ogden on keys and Jay Schuman on drums will get your feet and toes tapping with the musical energy that is funk.

The horns consisting of Jared Champion on trombone, Lupe A. on alto and tenor sax, Steven Paul on tenor sax, Violet Wielgus on bari sax, and Erik Ogden on trumpet (and keyboards) will no doubt take you back to the era of Tower of Power, Ohio Players, and Stevie Wonder…just to name a few.

CrossTown Players loves to play live, and we will bring the funk to your event, no matter how big or small. We have a passion for music, and that passion spills into the audience, where we want them to be a part of our musical journey.

Live performances - new videos coming soon!

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